Reflection Essay

It’s Personal In A Different Way

Throughout my first semester in college, I have had the opportunity to experience many great novels. Reading texts college students wouldn’t normally read but analyzing them in a different, and more complex way.  I’ve read Ms.Marvel, reading this graphic novel, while having the background knowledge of other Marvel comics, created a new experience for me. When I started reading the material in class it all seemed so simple. After going over these texts in groups, I realized the beauty within the texts, and the messages. Each text seem to have many similar topics, and themes. I felt comfort reading these texts, I felt that I could place myself in each story. The theme of finding one’s identity was prominent in majority of the readings. In this generation, I feel that the specific theme of self-identity is important. Making these texts relatable, also makes them powerful. Examining the themes further I found it to be empowering, it also made me feel less of a lost fish at sea. Over the semester I enjoyed reading some of the more simpler texts because it made it easier to get lost in them.

I read a sentence by Jhumpa Lahiri, in “My Life’s Sentences”, “For surely it is a magical thing for a handful of words, artfully arranged, to stop time.” Lahiri use of words were abstract, describing the words of a story to be magical. Lahiri even said that the words were “artfully arranged”. I really like this sentence because the use of the words give this sentence a beautiful meaning. It doesn’t sound boring, or stale it sounds like Lahiri wants people to feel the way she feels about how sentences should be presented and written. Lahiri said, “The best sentences orient us, like stars in the sky, like landmarks on a trail.” Lahiri continues to use abstract language. My favorite part of this sentence is when Lahiri compares a sentence to stars in the sky, trying to capture a vivid image of how magical, and universal a sentence should sound and look. This comparison creates a vivid picture of what the “best sentences” do for us. When I write it feels like a release, like I can express myself in such a different way. Writing I can create a safe place and express things that I can’t present verbally. I have kept a journal for a long time, my journal is where I writes all of my thoughts about anything, sometimes I keep my journal private. When I write I like to picture what i’m discussing. Picturing the situation helps with the development of my writing and how i can create something worth reading. When I was writing my research paper, it focused on the readings from the semester mainly, and that made it easy for me to identify my topic sentences. After finding topic sentences I found that the best way to write my papers would be to conduct topic sentences from my prior knowledge to make it easier on myself.

I found these texts to be close to me, they felt intimate with my own personal experiences. I have dealt with, many of the similar problems from the texts in my own life. That’s what makes these texts so powerful, being able to compare them with personal experiences. Author’s purposely write about their own experiences because they know that others will relate. When a text is able to involve the audience, it makes for a more intrigued state while reading their stories. When it comes to my own identity asa reader and writer I personally say I am better at dealing with creative reading and creative writing. When I refer to creative reading I mean speaking of ideas that aren’t necessarily evident in the text, but the reactions after reading a text, and all kinds of critical evaluations. When I refer to creative writing it means to means to me expressing my own creative, imaginative, expanded thoughts to create my own story. Throughout time I believe that writing styles have changed. I know that the language has changed, but the styles of writing have become more fluid. Metaphors in writing has always been common but I feel that metaphors are such a key element when writing something creative. I myself enjoy creative writing, and from my experience metaphors tend to make the stories more interesting.